Patty Rose Jewellery is created by long-time jewellery enthusiast Patrycja Roszczyk.

Patrycja says “I’ve always had a strong appreciation for jewellery that not only looks good but lasts. I treasure my great grandmother’s ring, wearing it every day as each generation before did and I hope many more.”

While watching master goldsmiths at work, Patrycja was inspired to create Patty Rose. Patrycja says “I’ve longed wished to find creative fulfilment, and through Patty Rose, I’m able to do that independently. “The Patty Rose Collection promises a unique minimalist style, able to be paired with any outfit and other jewellery.

“One day I found myself at a very common problem; I have nothing to wear. I was stood in front of a pile of clothes and couldn’t find anything that made me feel unique. Amid this realisation, I stopped focusing my outfits on the clothes but rather the jewellery. Accessorising with beautiful original jewellery makes me stand out more than any outfit could, with this, the ideals behind Patty Rose were founded.”

Masterfully crafted in Tuscany, the Patty Rose Collection delivers a wide variety of earrings with many bracelets and necklaces to pair with. All pieces made with greatest care using silver 925.


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